Transfer from Owens

Online Transfer Center

Looking to move ahead by applying your credits from Owens toward a bachelor degree at another accredited college or university? Planning early in your academic career while at Owens will pay off in savings of both time and money. Oftentimes change is not easy and transferring to a new school can be a big challenge. There is much to do in preparation for your eventual transfer to another school.

Be Prepared

Preparation for transfer begins the first semester at Owens. The Student Development office is available to assist students with the transfer process. Meet with the transfer adviser from the Student Development office to discuss possible course selections and transfer degree programs.


As a comprehensive community college, Owens works with baccalaureate granting colleges and universities to assist students to ensure the efficient and effective movement of students and courses among institutions. Owens has articulation agreements signed with over 20 colleges and universities, but classes will also transfer to many other institutions.
View the List of Articulation Agreements

Student Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the student regarding transfer are for the student to plan their course of study to meet the requirements (both academic and non-academic) of the institution to which they desire to transfer. Delays in developing and following an appropriate plan or changes in plan (e.g. change in major) may reduce the eventual applicability of transfer credit to the degree program ultimately selected.

Transfer Center

Visit the Transfer Center located in the Student Development office where you will find transfer information is available including catalogs, applications, financial aid information and transfer guides. Students can also access the Transferology (formerly for more specific information.

If you would like additional information regarding transfer or have questions please contact the Transfer Advisor in the Student Development Office, College Hall room 130 or call (567) 661-2387.

Important things to look at when researching transfer options

  1. Accreditation of the institution.
  2. Articulation agreements between Owens and the various colleges if available.
  3. Curriculum guides of the various majors that are available to assist with course selection at Owens.
  4. Course equivalencies. Many can be found on Transferology.
  5. Catalogs both online and hardcover, (various institutions only have online catalogs).
  6. Financial Aid availability and information for the school you are planning to attend.
  7. Contact information of the school you're planning to transfer to.
  8. University maps and directional information.
  9. General information regarding the school such as average class size, student and campus activities, and other items that may be of interest to you.