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Board of Trustees Vision Statement

Board of Trustees December 14, 2004 EXHIBIT NO. 10

RESOLUTION 2004-12-14-10

  • WHEREAS, Owens Community College has completed a very successful strategic planning process; and,
  • WHEREAS, the College has developed a new Mission and Goal statement endorsed and adopted by the Board of Trustees; and,
  • WHEREAS, the members of the Board of Trustees have developed a common, shared vision for Owens Community College; and,
  • WHEREAS, the members of the Board rely on this vision when making decisions on behalf of the College; and,
  • WHEREAS, the Board members may wish to articulate their vision and share it with Owens Community College's many community-based stakeholders;
  • NOW, THEREFORE, the members of the Board of Trustees do share their vision for Owens Community College as follows:
  • The College will be professional, collegial, diverse and collaborative;
  • The institution will serve its communities;
  • The College will innovate and lead in everything it does; including:
    • Nature of our education
    • Content of our education
    • Delivery of our education
    • Administration of our education
  • The college is an open portal providing access to affordable higher education;
  • Each aspect of our school will be "student friendly";
  • This institution will be efficient and fiscally sound.
  • And, WHEREAS, it is the Board's intention that this vision will be manifested through:
  • The individuals the board hires;
  • The processes it initiates;
  • The programs it supports; and
  • The actions it takes.
  • NOW THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees of Owens Community College adopts the vision statement as outlined above.

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