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Parent Involvement Team (PIT Crew)
What Is Expected Of Parents?

** Note: PIT Crew is currently being developed and is not yet available. **

It is vital that parents play a significant role in the Upward Bound Program. We ask parents and families to fully support their student's participation in all aspects of the program. We welcome and encourage parents to ask questions, engage in appropriate conversations, and generally promote success for your student in all endeavors.

Parents may receive regular communications about the Upward Bound Program, including updates about the progress and accomplishments of their student. Forms of communication may include telephone calls, newsletters, personal correspondence, meetings and possible home visits.

To ensure parents maintain a voice in the program, parents will be invited and encouraged to attend many Upward Bound activities where they will have an opportunity to meet one another, as well as program staff. Parents are welcomed as chaperones or volunteers. Also, parents are strongly encouraged to participate in our PIT Crew (Parent Involvement Team). This PIT Crew coordinates some of the events and activities for the students, helps with fundraising, attends required informational workshops and network with other Upward Bound parents.

The members of the PIT Crew represents each of our federally-funded schools (Woodward and Rogers High School), and meet as needed. During the meetings, the team members plan and organize workshops for parents, family events, and provide feedback to the program staff. Besides attending meetings, they network with other parents by phone and/or email in order to provide communication, mentoring, and support to UB families. They can also chaperone students on field trips and community events and help with translation for non-English speaking parents.

The PIT Crew can even sponsor workshops for parents on topics such as understanding regulations and expectations of the schools, helping students succeed in school, understanding financial aid, applying for college and scholarships, and choosing a career. In addition, the parent leaders engage in fundraising to assist the program with expenses that benefit the students but are not covered by the federal grants.


  • To support the mission, rules and regulations of the Upward Bound (UB) program
  • To provide input and feedback to the UB Director and Staff.
  • To assist UB Staff during Upward Bound activities.
  • To plan, lead, and/or implement programs and activities that promote educational, cultural, or social development of UB students and their families.
  • To identify and/or initiate use of community resources for the benefit of the UB students and their families.

The federal government spends approximately $4,200 per student per year. These funds are divided between central staff, teacher and tutor salaries, field trips, food, transportation, and activities. Given the amount spent, it is essential that our students maintain a high level of commitment. Upward Bound has proven to be effective in reaching its goals when students and families dedicate themselves to completing the program.

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