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Introductory Topics (Getting Started)

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Database concepts
Topic B: Exploring the Access environment
Topic C: Getting help
Topic D: Closing a database and Access

Unit 2: Databases and tables
Topic A: Planning and designing databases
Topic B: Exploring tables
Topic C: Creating tables

Unit 3: Fields and records
Topic A: Changing the design of a table
Topic B: Finding and editing records
Topic C: Organizing records

Unit 4: Data entry rules
Topic A: Setting field properties
Topic B: Working with input masks
Topic C: Setting validation rules
Topic D: Using indexes

Unit 5: Simple queries
Topic A: Creating and using queries
Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
Topic C: Performing operations in queries

Unit 6: Using forms
Topic A: Creating forms
Topic B: Using the Form Wizard
Topic C: Using Design view
Topic D: Finding, sorting, and filtering records

Unit 7: Working with reports
Topic A: Creating reports
Topic B: Modifying and printing reports

Intermediate Topics (Using All Features)

Unit 1: Relational databases
Topic A: Database normalization
Topic B: Relating tables
Topic C: Implementing referential integrity

Unit 2: Working with related tables
Topic A: Lookup fields
Topic B: Modifying Lookup fields
Topic C: Subdatasheets

Unit 3: Complex queries
Topic A: Joining tables in queries
Topic B: Creating calculated fields
Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values

Unit 4: Advanced form design
Topic A: Adding unbound controls
Topic B: Graphics
Topic C: Adding calculated values
Topic D: Adding combo boxes

Unit 5: Advanced reports
Topic A: Customized headers and footers
Topic B: Adding calculated values
Topic C: Subreports

Unit 6: Charts
Topic A: Charts in forms
Topic B: Charts in reports

Unit 7: PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A: PivotTables
Topic B: Modifying PivotTables
Topic C: PivotCharts

Unit 8: Internet integration
Topic A: Hyperlink fields
Topic B: Working with data access pages

Advanced Topics (Mastering)

Unit 1: Querying with SQL
Topic A: SQL and Access
Topic B: Writing SQL statements
Topic C: Attaching SQL queries to controls

Unit 2: Advanced queries
Topic A: Creating crosstab queries
Topic B: Creating parameter queries
Topic C: Using action queries

Unit 3: Macros
Topic A: Creating, running, and modifying macros
Topic B: Attaching macros to the events of database objects

Unit 4: Advanced macros
Topic A: Creating macros to provide user interaction
Topic B: Creating macros that require user input
Topic C: Creating the AutoKeys and AutoExec macros
Topic D: Creating macros for data transfer

Unit 5: Importing, exporting, and linking objects
Topic A: Importing objects
Topic B: Exporting objects
Topic C: Interacting with the XML documents
Topic D: Linking Access objects
Topic E: Working with Windows SharePoint Services

Unit 6: Database management
Topic A: Optimizing resources
Topic B: Replicating and synchronizing databases

Unit 7: Security fundamentals
Topic A: Protecting databases
Topic B: Encrypting and decrypting databases
Topic C: User-level security

Power User Topics

Unit 1: Application design
Topic A: Examining an application
Topic B: Planning an application

Unit 2: Advanced forms
Topic A: Using grouped controls
Topic B: Refining the user interface
Topic C: Creating subforms

Unit 3: Working with form controls
Topic A: Working with dialog boxes
Topic B: Working with macro groups
Topic C: Automating navigation across forms

Unit 4: Switchboards and splash screens
Topic A: Working with Switchboards
Topic B: Working with splash screens
Topic C: Automating splash screens

Unit 5: Custom toolbars and menu bars
Topic A: Working with toolbars
Topic B: Creating custom menu bars and shortcut menus

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