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This program teaches operators of CDL-rated vehicles about safety issues related to transporting loads of any kind. (4-8 hours)

  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Reporting results of pre-trip inspection
  • CDL - special restrictions even when driving private auto, alcohol restrictions
  • Hydroplaning/skids - conditions to watch for, preventing and reacting to
  • Review of your organization's equipment and relevant load issues
  • Proper techniques for turns, lane changes, and traffic light changes
  • Communicating/signaling your driving plans to other drivers and your helper
  • Techniques for using mirrors to track distant and near objects
  • Assessing road surface and grade for impact on traction
  • When to dim headlights
  • Identifying causes of slippery conditions - bleeding road tar, liquids
  • Adjusting speed for slippery conditions
  • Identifying other hazards -pedestrians, fumes
  • Procedures for dealing with accident scenes - placement of warning devices
  • Techniques for steering to avoid a crash
  • Understanding the factors that impact stopping distance
  • Dealing with being tailgated
  • Dealing with tire failure and wheel lock
  • Laws related to medication prohibiting driving
  • Navigating curves safely
  • Techniques for backing
  • Safely working with hydraulic lift units
  • Techniques for proper placement of loads on a vehicle
  • Understanding vehicle center of gravity
  • Understanding antilock braking systems
  • Tire pressure procedures
  • Dealing with headlight glare
  • Proper use of cruise control
  • Cargo transportation-related log-keeping requirements

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