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Ohio law states that all companies that bid or work on state construction jobs must have drug-free workplace programs. Our DFWP courses are designed to help employers learn how to deter, detect and take corrective action related to substance use that affects workplace safety. Employers will learn the components involved in creating a drug-free program for their workplace. Discussion includes how to create a policy that describes annual employee education and supervisor training, drug and alcohol testing, and employee assistance. Courses are also available for supervisor training and employee education.

Upon completion of the course, employers should be able to:

  • Understand The Drug Free Workplace Act
  • Implement the components of a Drug-Free Workplace Program
  • Assess the risks and short/long-term benefits of a DFWP
  • Calculate the costs of having (or not having) a DFWP
  • Create a written DFWP policy
  • Understand employee education and supervisor training requirements
  • Identify the hallmarks of successful Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Topics for Supervisors (1-2 hour program) include:

  • Behavioral observation;
  • Documentation;
  • Appropriate and professional confrontation;
  • How to make referrals for testing;
  • How to make referrals to assistance.

Topics for Employees (1-2 hour program) include:

  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Use, Abuse, and Dependence
  • Enabling at Work
  • On the Job Indicators of Addiction
  • Treatment Options
  • Why Drug Test
  • Accuracy of Drug Tests
  • Commonly Abused Drugs
  • National Resources and Hotlines

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