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Introductory Topics (Getting Started)

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: The program window
Topic B: Outlook Today
Topic C: Getting help

Unit 2: E-mail
Topic A: E-mail accounts
Topic B: E-mail messages
Topic C: Handling messages

Unit 3: E-mail management
Topic A: Managing e-mail
Topic B: Printing messages
Topic C: Address books

Unit 4: Contact management
Topic A: Managing contacts
Topic B: Categories

Unit 5: Tasks
Topic A: Working with tasks
Topic B: Managing tasks

Unit 6: Appointments and events
Topic A: Creating and sending appointments
Topic B: Categorizing appointments
Topic C: Modifying appointments
Topic D: Working with events

Unit 7: Meeting requests and responses
Topic A: Working with meeting requests
Topic B: Responding to meeting requests
Topic C: Handling meeting responses
Topic D: Microsoft NetMeeting

Unit 8: Customizing Outlook
Topic A: Personal folders
Topic B: Organizing folders
Topic C: Signatures
Topic D: Voting buttons
Topic E: Interacting with the Internet

Intermediate Topics (Using All Features)

Unit 1: Customizing Outlook
Topic A: The Outlook environment
Topic B: Groups and shortcuts

Unit 2: Messages
Topic A: Searching and filtering messages
Topic B: Customizing messages

Unit 3: The Inbox
Topic A: Organizing the Inbox folder
Topic B: Setting rules
Topic C: Managing your mailbox
Topic D: Alternate e-mail methods

Unit 4: Folders
Topic A: The Notes folder
Topic B: The Journal folder
Topic C: The Calendar folder
Topic D: The Contacts folder
Topic E: Business Contact Manager

Unit 5: Templates and forms
Topic A: Working with templates
Topic B: Forms

Unit 6: Integration
Topic A: Outlook components
Topic B: Importing and exporting data

Unit 7: Public, shared, and offline folders
Topic A: Public folders
Topic B: Sharing your Outlook folders
Topic C: Offline folders

Unit 8: Newsgroups and e-mail security
Topic A: Newsgroups
Topic B: Security

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