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Introductory Topics

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Exploring the Word window
Topic B: Creating and saving documents
Topic C: Getting Help

Unit 2: Editing documents
Topic A: Opening and navigating in documents
Topic B: Automated tasks
Topic C: Editing text
Topic D: The Undo and Redo commands

Unit 3: Moving and copying text
Topic A: Selecting text
Topic B: Cutting, copying, and pasting text
Topic C: Finding and replacing text

Unit 4: Formatting characters and paragraphs
Topic A: Character formatting
Topic B: Using tabs
Topic C: Paragraph formatting
Topic D: Advanced paragraph formatting

Unit 5: Creating and managing tables
Topic A: Creating tables
Topic B: Working with tables
Topic C: Modifying tables

Unit 6: Controlling page layout
Topic A: Creating headers and footers
Topic B: Working with margins
Topic C: Working with page breaks

Unit 7: Proofing and printing documents
Topic A: Checking spelling and grammar
Topic B: Previewing and printing documents

Unit 8: Web features
Topic A: Saving documents as Web pages
Topic B: Working with hyperlinks
Topic C: E mailing documents

Intermediate Topics

Unit 1: Working with sections and columns
Topic A: Creating and formatting sections
Topic B: Working with multiple columns
Topic C: Working with text in columns

Unit 2: Formatting tables
Topic A: Table formatting basics
Topic B: Borders and shading
Topic C: Table AutoFormat
Topic D: Drawing tables

Unit 3: Working with Excel data
Topic A: Importing data and creating charts
Topic B: Performing calculations in tables
Topic C: Linking and embedding data

Unit 4: Working with styles
Topic A: Creating styles
Topic B: Modifying and deleting styles
Topic C: Navigating in large documents

Unit 5: Headers and footers
Topic A: Different headers and footers
Topic B: Page numbering

Unit 6: Printing labels and envelopes
Topic A: Labels and envelopes

Unit 7: Working with graphics and objects
Topic A: Working with graphics and clip art
Topic B: Inserting WordArt and symbols
Topic C: Customizing the background
Topic D: Using drawing tools

Unit 8: Document templates
Topic A: Template basics
Topic B: Creating templates

Unit 9: Managing document revisions
Topic A: Tracking changes in a document
Topic B: Working with comments
Topic C: Comparing document versions

Advanced Topics (Mastering)

Unit 1: Using Mail Merge
Topic A: Creating form letters
Topic B: Working with data sources
Topic C: Creating mailing labels

Unit 2: Working with forms
Topic A: Creating forms
Topic B: Modifying forms
Topic C: Protecting and printing forms
Topic D: Using digital signatures

Unit 3: Working with large documents
Topic A: Master documents
Topic B: Footnotes and endnotes
Topic C: Indexes
Topic D: Bookmarks and cross-references
Topic E: Web frames

Unit 4: Creating macros
Topic A: Recording and running macros
Topic B: Modifying and deleting macros
Topic C: Using macros in forms

Unit 5: Customizing menus and toolbars
Topic A: Creating custom menus
Topic B: Customizing toolbars

Unit 6: Using XML features in Word
Topic A: Working with XML

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