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Owens provides numerous opportunities to develop your personal skills in photography to enrich your life. If you are interested in expanding your skill or are thinking of beginning a hobby Owens has programs for you. Check out the fast changing world of Photography training that will make you and your life more interesting and enjoyable. Discover what you want to be.

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Oh Shoot! A Class for Compact Digital Cameras

You don't need to have the most expensive camera on the market to take great pictures. With so many features available on compact camera models, it can be a snap, but you need to get off of "auto-mode" to harness the power. Whether you are looking to take better action shots, portraits or just become more creative with your photos, this class is for you. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop.
56116 Mon 9/14 & 9/21 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $99

Photography with DSLR Cameras

Do you own a DSLR that you would like to take off of "auto-mode" or would you simply like to learn to take better and more creative photos? Does your manual create more questions than answers? Join our fun and informative hands-on class, where you will learn everything you need to begin mastering the different camera modes and techniques available to the aspiring photographer. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop.

56117 Tue 9/8 & 9/15 5:30 9:30 p.m. Findlay $99
56118 Wed 9/9 & 9/16 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $99
56119 Thu 10/8 & 10/15 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $99
56121 Thu 10/22 & 10/29 5:30 9:30 p.m. Findlay $99
56122 Tue 11/10 & 11/17 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $99

Advanced Photography with DSLR Cameras

Take your photography skills to the next level in this advanced informative hands-on class. We will work with advanced lighting techniques, low-light and night photography, long-exposure, "light-painting" and stop actions, plus "tricks" that will have your friends insisting you used Photoshop! Instructor: Grayling Lathrop.

56124 Tue 12/1 & 12/8 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $99

Digital Photo Editing

Take the skills you learned in our digital photography class and learn basic photo editing techniques to perfect your work. Using Photoshop Elements in a computer lab, you'll learn how to crop, resize and adjust the contrast in your photos. Learn how to add effects and remove unwanted items from your photos. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop.

56126 Mon 10/26 & 11/2 5:30 9 p.m. Maumee $99

Advanced Digital Photo Editing

Go beyond the ordinary with this fun and fascinating hands-on Photoshop class. Learn techniques that will simply amaze you or anyone with an appreciation for artful creation. Most of the techniques can be implemented in minutes. Learn to master multiplicity, HDR, image displacement maps, polar coordinates and many other advanced Photoshop techniques. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop.

56127 Mon 11/9 & 11/16 5:30 9 p.m. Maumee $ 99


If you would like to sell prints online or in a gallery, this class is a must for you. Learn the essential equipment, software and legal forms you will need. What your rights are for photographing subjects, objects, buildings and whether you need permission when selling these works. Also learn how to make sure your equipment is covered by your insurance, getting your work online and noticed with a digital portfolio and much more! Instructor: Grayling Lathrop

56128 Wed 9/23 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49
56129 Wed 12/9 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Wedding / Event Photography

Wedding and event photography can often be the most challenging and the most rewarding (personally, professionally and financially) due to the dynamic nature of the venue. After all, you may only have one opportunity to get that shot, so it had better be great! This class will teach you how to be prepared to get
those shots, and the basic equipment you will need to overcome the most daunting circumstances. You will even learn how to price your work competitively and how to find new clients by marketing yourself online and offline. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56131 Wed 9/30 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Portrait Photography (Subject / Baby / Family / Pet Portraiture)

In this hands-on class we will examine various lighting and positioning techniques to ensure we are enhancing our subject's best features while diminishing any
unflattering ones. You will learn how to position key light, fill light and background light, along with getting the right ratios for the effect you desire. You will also learn other more specialized lighting techniques using softboxes, grids, barn doors, cookies, gobos and reflectors. And, to save money, you'll even learn how to make most of these items DIY! Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56130 Wed 10/7 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Sports Photography/ Action Shot / High-speed Photography

If you would like to learn how to shoot sports like a pro, then this is the class for you! Whether
you're shooting your kids' events or photographing a professional venue, the same principles apply. So join us to learn the correct camera settings it takes to stop action and get tack sharp focus, the proper techniques for composing your shots to tell the story within the game, and how to choose the right gear to capture your subject in the heart of the action. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56132 Wed 10/14 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Nature Photography (Landscape & Wildlife)

This class will teach you how to create stunning landscape and wildlife images in nature. The lesson is packed with information and follows a step-by-step approach to the art of nature photography. From planning and preparation, selecting the right gear, to the most important topics of composition, lighting, and exposure - all critical toward capturing the scene as precisely as you desire, as you learn the skills necessary to create an image as breathtaking as nature itself. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56134 Wed 10/28 5:30 9:30 p.m. TBA $49

Flash Photography

Learn how a "hot-shoe" flash can be the single best accessory for your digital camera. You will learn how to use your flash as a fill and as a bounce light. We will examine the effects of fast and slow shutter speeds with a flash and how to balance this with your flash settings to match your ambient background light to get the effect you desire. You will learn how and when to use a "rear" or "2nd" curtain flash, high- speed sync flash, and manual flash settings to get the perfect shot; and those shots which would not be possible without flash photography. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56135 Wed 11/4 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Photography Lighting Techniques

Photography is all about the light. In this class you will learn how to create the exact photo you desire by controlling every aspect of light in your image. The techniques in this class will show you how to create stunning images which are more three-dimensional, more textural
and more professional. We will begin with a key light and then build out our scene by adding more lights or reflectors. Next, we will examine how softboxes and other diffusion devices change the characteristics of our light. Finally, we work with gels and with our shutter speed and aperture to balance exposure between flash and ambient light. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56136 Wed 11/18 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Fine Art Photography/ Photography as an Art Form

Fine art photography is photography created in harmony with the vision of the artist as photographer. This
is, by far, our most creative class and in it you will explore your creative vision and learn the skills needed to portray, that which you imagine, through your photography. Our lessons will help you to understand the techniques necessary to express your perceptions and emotions as an artist and to discover unlimited creative visual opportunities using light, color, texture and more. Learn how to create stunning artful pieces, in camera, that your audience will insist were done in Photoshop! Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56137 Wed 12/2 5:30 9:30 p.m. Maumee $49

Night Photography & Long-Exposure Photography

Some of the most stunning and dramatic photographs are those taken at night or in low-light situations using longer exposure values. If you have a desire to add this type of photography to your portfolio then this is the class for you. In this class, you will learn how to expose properly for lights, the moon and other objects illuminated by reflected light, all while adding and/or balancing differing light sources to get your desired effect. You will also learn proper techniques to eliminate camera shake and how to create sharp well-exposed photos while minimizing the "noise" in the image. Instructor: Grayling Lathrop
56138 Sat 10/17 7 p.m. 11 p.m. TBA $49

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