Power Systems Institute

Owens Community College partners with FirstEnergy to train the next generation of utility line and substation workers.

Established by FirstEnergy in 2000, the Power Systems Institute (PSI) is a unique, two-year program that combines classroom learning with hands-on training. Students who successfully complete the program earn an Associate Degree of Technical Studies with a focus on electric utility technology which can lead to a career as a lineworker or substation electrician in the electric utility industry. Tuition, required books and lab fees paid by FirstEnergy for qualified students.

Course curriculum

The curriculum at Owens Community College includes technical coursework (electrical fundamentals, electrical circuits), technology labs and business-specific courses, in addition to the required general education courses such as English composition, technical math, economics and interpersonal communications.

Field experience

Following the second semester, qualified students are required to participate in a compensated, 10-week (40 hour/week) evaluated field experience. Work assignments begin in May and end in August. Pre-employment screening is required.

Potential employment

While completion of the PSI program prepares you for a job in the electric utility industry, it does not guarantee a job offer from FirstEnergy. However, students with the right grades, skills and attitude will have the potential to be hired upon graduation by FirstEnergy, as the company determines its staffing needs.

Steps in the Selection Process

  1. Program Information Session
    This is your opportunity to learn more about the program and decide if a career as a lineworker or substation electrician is right for you.
  2. Placement Testing
    Transcript review and/or placement testing in reading, math and writing is completed before prospective students register for classes.
  3. Technical Evaluation 
    Prospective students are evaluated on a series of hands-on activities that are performed on the job.
  4. Background Screening 
    Prospective students must successfully pass a background screen consisting of criminal and driving history.
  5. D.O.T. Physical
    Prospective students must provide a completed Medical Examiners Certificate.
  6. Climbing Course 
    Prospective students learn the basics of climbing wood poles or steel structures and are evaluated for enrollment in the PSI program.
  7. Interview
    Prospective students participate in a 1-hour interview with FirstEnergy management.
  8. Classes Begin
    Selected students begin classes.

More info

Call FirstEnergy at 1-800-829-6801 Option 6 or go to www.firstenergycorp.com/psi and click on the Get Invited link.

Program openings are limited.
Applicants will be assessed through a competitive, multi-step process.
Tuition, required books and lab fees paid by FirstEnergy for qualified students.


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