Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

AED Locations

AEDs are located across both campuses and can be found inside wall-mounted storage cabinets.  Both the Toledo-area Campus and the Findlay-area Campus are served with mobile units carried by Department of Public Safety Police Officers.

Toledo-area Campus

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  • Alumni Hall (Department of Public Safety main lobby)
  • Center for Emergency Preparedness (main lobby)
  • Center for Fine and Performing Arts (Rotunda)
  • College Hall (near the Fireside Grill)
  • Dana Center (hallway by electrical lab)
  • Dana Center (hallway by Room 108)
  • Facility Services (near break room)
  • Fire Science/Law Enforcement Center (main lobby)
  • Fire Science/Law Enforcement Center (near Room 135)
  • Health Technologies (near Room 102)
  • Health Technologies (near Dental Clinic)
  • Heritage Hall (near bakery kitchen [Room 118])
  • Industrial & Engineering Technologies (near bathrooms/janitor closet 143)
  • Math/Science Center (east end of main corridor)
  • Student Health and Activities Center (near Room 160)
  • Student Health and Activities Center (Fitness Area)
  • Transportation Technologies (near vending/lounge area)
  • Veterans Hall (main lobby)
  • Welding Design Center (near Room 106)

Findlay-area Campus

  • Education Center (near Room 115)
  • Community education and Wellness Center (near Room 107)

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