Workplace Safety and Health

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
(Formerly MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets)

These programs are currently being updated and more information will be published soon:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP)

July Safety Topic: Wearing Protective Equipment (PPE)

Protective Equipment Icons

With warmer weather upon us, it may be tempting to not wear protective equipment. However, potential hazards exist regardless of the temperature.

Ear protection

Earplugs/earmuffs can protect you from hearing loss.  Exposure to 100 decibels for 15 minutes or longer without protection can result in hearing loss.

  • Decibel levels of common sounds:
    • Chainsaw: 110
    • Amplified music:  110
    • Lawnmower:  90
    • Normal conversation:  60

Eye protection

  • Protect your eyes from all types of hazards including:
    • Flying debris
    • Extreme heat
    • Sunlight
    • Chemical exposure

Hand protection

Make sure you are wearing the proper gloves for the task.  Gloves designed for specific activities may not provide adequate protection for all activities.

The rest of your body

Don’t forget to protect your head, feet and lungs from hazards as well.

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