Employees Rights and Responsibilities

fire inspector

Owens Community College is committed to maintaining a safe work environment, free from accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses. Everyone must work together to create and maintain safe environment by complying with federal, state and local occupational safety and health standards, rules and regulations.

Employees are encouraged to correct unsafe conditions through reporting directly to their supervisors or by using the Report a Safety Hazard form (requires employee Intranet login).

Hazards considered to be serious should be reported immediately to the Manager, Workplace Safety and Health at (567) 661-7712 or to the Department of Public Safety (567) 661-7575. In the event you feel the unsafe condition or concern has not been addressed internally, you are encouraged to use the procedure outline in theĀ Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Program poster.

Examples of reportable conditions:

  • fire hazards
  • trip/fall hazards
  • unsafe equipment
  • improper use of equipment
  • no personal protective equipment
  • improper chemical use or storage
  • blocked exits/means of egress