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The Writing Center

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The Writing Center offers one-to-one assistance to help improve a writer at any stage of the writing process. Because the Writing Center is not an editing service or meant to replace the instructor, we strive to help the writer, not just the writing. For this reason, tutors do not revise, edit, or proofread; instead, they encourage and empower students to look for and correct their own errors and develop their ideas. Students may request to have a summary of the conference sent to their instructor. The summary notes the starting point of the conference, what was covered, and what steps the tutor recommended to the student.

Staffed by trained professionals, the Writing Center writing tutors are:

  • Experienced teachers of writing who have graduate degrees.
  • Published authors.
  • Writers experienced with "real world" professional and technical tasks.

A free service, the Writing Center is available to all students, staff, and faculty and all community members. tutors are also available to help with conference presentations as well as résumés and other materials.

Referring students to the Writing Center can help instructors receive better-written, more readable assignments, allowing them to spend more time with students on course-related material rather than working on the writing process.

We support all writing needs. tutors work one-to-one with students, asking Socratic questions to help students find their own answers. Private conference rooms are available for individual conferences or to work with group projects. Through Blackboard, tutors give reader responses for on-line students. tutors also help students with basic computer questions.

Facilities to support writing needs include:

  • Dictionaries, thesauruses, handbooks and all texts used in the Comp programs
  • Handouts about MLA and APA documentations and more
  • Handouts on summary, critique, and synthesis
  • Handouts on résumés and cover letters

A Blackboard Writing Center Link is available for students in distance learning. This site contains explanations for common writing problems such as plagiarism and thesis development, as well as a drop box for on-line tutoring and valuable links to grammar, MLA, and APA sites.

Orientations providing a 10-minute introduction to our services can be requested for your class. We will give students brochures and explain how we can help them to strengthen their writing.

  • Bring your students into the Writing Center for an orientation so they experience the relaxed, supportive atmosphere.
  • Schedule a short presentation in your classroom.

If you would like to schedule an orientation, please contact James Trumm at 567-661-7385 or send an email to

Workshops offered throughout the semester cover common writing challenges such as grammar, MLA and APA format. You can encourage students to attend the scheduled workshops or contact the Writing Center to request presentations for your class.

Encourage students to use the Writing Center by recommending our services in your syllabi.
Feel free to copy and paste the following paragraph:

The Writing Center
The Writing Center works with students and instructors to address each student's individual writing needs so they can become competent and confident writers. In order to accomplish this goal, the Writing Center offers students one-to-one conferences with trained writing consultants. During these 30-60 minute conferences, the student and tutor engage in constructive, non-evaluative dialogue about the student's work. Through this "writer's talk," students are encouraged to engage in the critical and creative thinking necessary to produce effective writing. Following the conference, the tutor completes a brief conference report, which the student can have sent to his/her instructor. In addition to offering one-to-one writing conferences, the Center also offers several computers, style manuals, dictionaries, thesauruses, and handbooks for client use. Training in the use of these resources is also available. Call 567-661-7351 to schedule an appointment.
The Writing Center is located in College Hall room 156-D, and tutors are also available in the Library. For distance learning students, the Writing Center offers all handouts on Blackboard as well as a digital drop box for feedback from tutors.

If you have questions feel free to email James Trumm at or, or call 567-661-7385.

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