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Higher Learning Commission Reaffirms Owens Community College Accreditation Through 2020

Owens Community College is committed to serving our northwest Ohio students and residents through excellence, innovation and collaboration. We are continuously looking for ways to be the best college and community partner we can be.

Our quality improvement efforts have led the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to reaffirm our overall college accreditation unconditionally through 2020.

During a seven-year period, Owens successfully engaged in a variety of Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) processes, including strategy forums, initiating a shared leadership model, student retention, IT reform, integration of workforce credit into academics, classroom space management, diversity and inclusiveness planning, assessment of student learning, annual HLC updates, systems portfolio appraisals and visits to review and approve U.S. Department of Education compliance requirements.

The Higher Learning Commission reviewers noted several times how Owens is a national leader in continuous quality improvement and the AQIP process.

"The College community's commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and innovation are the reasons that Owens is able to achieve a status of excellence, not only through the successful reaffirmation of accreditation, but also with the Higher Learning Commission," said Tom Perin, Owens Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison Officer. "We have set the bar high and have become a benchmark institution. We also continue to take the lead and facilitate the statewide AQIP coalition which now has 21 colleges and universities collaborating together."

Accreditation is essential because it enables the College to be considered for financial eligibility and it mandates accountability and compliance in continuous quality improvement. A college or university that is accredited by a regional accreditor is held to higher standards of service and accountability, which demonstrates a commitment to students and student success.

In addition to the overall college accreditation, Owens has 54 programs that are accredited through their own discipline-specific accrediting bodies.