Testing Services

Test Registration

The testing center has several different test types depending upon the student's academic requirements and goals.

ACT Residual: These test scores are sent to Owens Community College and will never be transferred or released to another institution. Students unable to take a test on their scehduled test date may call BEFORE the test to reschedule for the next scheduled test date with no additional fee. If the student does not call before the close of business on the date of their scheduled test, then another test fee must be paid to reschedule a new test date.

Distance Education: Students who need tests proctored for other institutions may contact the Testing Center to see if their testing needs can be met. There is a fee per test proctored. The Testing Center may be able to serve as the proctor location for you test with prior notification.

Remote ACCUPLACER: Students who are taking a placement test such as ACCUPLACER, ASSET, etc. for another school should complete the electronic form and submit payment prior to testing. Students who have already taken a placement test and want the scores to be relased to another institution or organization should complete the Proxy Access. Proxy Access provides an opportunity for Owens students to grant online access to their student information.

Contact the Toledo Campus Testing Center at 567-661-7547 or send an email to the toledo_testing_center@owens.edu if there are questions or concerns about this process. For the Findlay Campus Testing Center call 567-429-3508 or email findlay_testing_center@owens.edu

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