Rescuers training for deep rescue, EMT transporting patients, SWAT team training

Training and Education

The Center for Emergency Preparedness training and education programs have been developed to meet a wide array of training needs. Through the use of our unique training facility, we can focus on the needs of the individual or we can provide a training environment that focuses on the requirements of a large multi-agency response operating under a unified command. Our current programs address the needs and requirements of multiple agencies that include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Service
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Private Security
  • Hospitals
  • Public Health
  • Medical Providers
  • Military
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • Municipalities
  • Elected and Appointed Officials
  • Business and Industry
  • Community Preparedness Organizations
  • K-9 Handlers and Teams
  • Community Training (General Public)

If you are interested in one of our training programs that is not currently on the calendar or need to discuss customized training for your agency, please give us a call at (567) 661-2689.

Federal Funding Is Available For Approved Training Programs.

Many of our training programs are approved through the Department of Homeland Security and are eligible to be funded through your county Emergency Management Agency Training Funds. For more information on obtaining Federal Funding for Training Programs Contact your State Appointed Agency (SAA).

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Free Online Training Courses

We also offer Continuing Education courses that meet State and National Standards.

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