Assessment of Student Learning

Owens Community College assesses programs, general education and co-curricular events and activities to ensure student learning outcomes.

Program Assessment

Every program has outcomes or statements conveying what students should know or be able to do at the end of a program. Departments report on their assessment efforts every other year while continuing to assess in the off years in order to ensure student learning. This process might vary within each department and/or school, but at the core, they strive for continuous improvement. 

General Education Assessment

General education is defined as a program that develops students’ general knowledge, literacy, skills, and competencies to equip them for lifelong learning and advanced college classes.

Students who complete their general education at Owens will meet the competencies below:

  • Communicate: Students will communicate effectively.
  • Analyze, Synthesize and Evaluate Information (Research): Students will apply research skills and tools, as well as analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.
  • Think Critically: Students will think critically.
  • Exposed to Different Perspectives: Students will be exposed to views different than their own.

Co-Curricular Assessment

Our Office of Student Life has the responsibility of assessing learning on our campus outside of the classroom.

We have three student life outcomes:

  • Analyze, Synthesize and Evaluate Information(extra-curricular activities)
  • Improve and Enhance the Student Experience(extra-curricular activities)
  • Exposure to Different Perspectives(co-curricular activities, shared with general education)

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