Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Owens students

Welcome to the DRC!

The Disability Resource Center is here to ensure your access to programs and services and to assist students with disabilities through accommodations, referrals, information and resources.

If you are having difficulty with test-taking, reading, hearing/seeing lecture material, feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or stress, having physical or mobility difficulties, or any medical struggles whatsoever, the DRC may be able to help make college accessible!

How the DRC can help you.

Our goal is to support you by providing necessary accommodations and disability-specific information and link you to other departments that provide the following resources:


Check out our helpful instructions HERE on how to use Kaltura, Read Aloud and Office Lens!

What you’ll need to get started with the Disability Resource Center.

To get started with our office signed documentation of diagnosed disability (either IEP/ETR, 504, or Medical documentation) will need to be provided.

Consent forms are available to obtain documentation if necessary.

An Accessibility Specialist will work with you one-on-one to determine your individual needs and assist you with the collection of the necessary documentation.

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Contact the Disability Resource Center

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