Truck Driving

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Owens Community College offers you the opportunity to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and immediately join the booming field of truck driving. The time is perfect for you to secure your future earnings by enrolling in Owens Community College’s truck driving program.

Truckers Against (Human) Trafficking - TAT

In just four short weeks, you will hold your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and be employed by one of the many excellent companies seeking tractor-trailer drivers.

In the classroom, our instructors provide unparalleled training. Then, using our vast “simulated city” driving range – the only one of its kind in Ohio – they teach students how to safely operate tractor-trailer equipment. Soon, Owens students are on their way to city, county and state roadways, gaining hands-on, real-time experience in all types of traffic situations.

Once again, Owens Community College is top-ranked for its veteran-friendly status! In our ongoing efforts to assist those who have kept us safe, we remind returning veterans you have just 30 days in which to convert your “military CDL” to a civilian license. And for those of you seeking a CDL for the first time, we welcome your calls at (567) 661-7357. Thank you for your service!


  • Northwest Ohio has more than 2,585 transportation and material moving occupations
  • Drivers are needed now for nearly 2,000 heavy truck and tractor-trailer positions
  • Truck driving is the leading open job occupation in Northwest Ohio
  • Experts project more than 21,300 transportation and warehousing jobs will exist by 2020
  • The median wage for truck drivers, heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers exceeds $18.03 per hour
  • Potential earnings of $40,000 – 60,000 per year with exceptional benefits

Here are just a few of the reasons why the clear choice is Owens:

  • Competitive tuition with no hidden costs
  • Military veterans welcomed and appreciated!
  • College credit toward certificates and degrees
  • Free lifetime job-placement assistance that fits your life direction
  • Industry support in a fast-growing field
  • Quality hands-on and classroom instruction
  • New training facility (virtually unmatched in America) allows real-world driving in complete safety!

Truck Driving Class Schedule

Number One DAY Course Schedule

All classes are four weeks long
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Summer Semester 2019

May 28 (Tues) through June 24 (Mon)
CLOSED: Memorial Day, Mon., May 27
CDL driving skills exam: June 25 (Tues)

July 01 (Mon) through July 29 (Mon)
Closed: Independence Day, Thurs., July 4
CDL driving skills exam: July 30 (Tues)

Fall Semester 2019

August 05 (Mon) through August 30 (Fri)
CLOSED: Labor Day, Mon., Sept. 02
CDL driving skills exam: September 03 (Tues)

September 09 (Mon) through October 04 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: October 7 (Mon)

October 14 (Mon) through November 08 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: November 11 (Mon)

November 18 (Mon) through December 18 (Wed)
CLOSED: Thanksgiving, Wed-Fri, Nov. 27-29
CDL driving skills exam: December 19 (Thurs)

Spring Semester 2020

January 06 (Mon) through January 31 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: February 03 (Mon)

February 10 (Mon) through March 06 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: March 09 (Mon)

March 16 (Mon) through April 10 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: April 13 (Mon)

Summer Semester 2020

April 20 (Mon) through May 15 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: May 18 (Mon)

Number two NIGHT Course Schedule

All classes are six weeks long
Monday – Friday, 5 – 10:30 p.m.

Summer Semester 2019

July 08 (Mon) through Aug 16 (Fri)
CLOSED: Independence Day, Thurs, July 04
CDL driving skills exam: August 19 (Mon)

Fall Semester 2019

August 05 (Mon) through September 16 (Mon)
CLOSED: Labor Day, Mon, September 02
CDL driving skills exam: September 17(Tues)

October 14 (Mon) through November 22 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: November 25 (Mon)

Spring Semester 2020

January 06 (Mon) through February 07 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: Feb 10 (Mon)

March 16 (Mon) through April 24 (Fri)
CDL driving skills exam: April 27 (Mon)

Summer Semester 2020

May 26 through July 03 (Friday)
CDL driving skills exam: July 07 (Tues)