CEP Registration

  • Registration is for non-credit classes only.
  • Payment is required to register.

Four Easy Ways to Register

Number 1 Register By Phone

Just call (567) 661-7600

Number 2 Register in Person

Register at the Center for Emergency Preparedness (30150 Tracy Road, Toledo-area Campus).

Easy Enrollment With


Refund Policy

If a class is canceled by Workforce and Community Services, you will receive a full refund or a credit voucher to use for other Workforce and Community Services courses.

If you cancel or withdraw prior to the start of a class, a refund will be given. No refund will be given after the start of a class.

Canceled Class Policy

Register early to avoid disappointment. Non-credit classes are self-supporting and course-related expenses are paid from student registration fees. Courses that do not meet a minimum student enrollment are subject to cancellation. If that should happen, every effort will be made to notify you by telephone. We will attempt to transfer you to another section, find an alternate course, or offer a full refund.

* Important Facts about Online Registration for Continuing Education:


Current Students: You can log in to the system with your Owens username (firstname_lastname) and Owens password.

New Students: Your Social Security Number is required to create a new account. We need this information to uniquely identify you, ensuring that your record is not duplicated or combined with other records in our database. Protecting the integrity of our data goes hand in hand with serving our students.

Your Social Security Number is confidential and protected by both federal and state laws. The College will protect this number from unauthorized disclosure and/or use. In compliance with state and federal regulations/laws, disclosure may be authorized for the purposes of state and federal reporting.