Findlay Fitness Center & Gym

Findlay Fitness Center Re-Opens Tuesday, February 8

The Findlay-area Campus Fitness Center will be open in Spring 2022 only to students, faculty and staff. There will be limited hours, days and equipment available.

If you plan to visit the Fitness Center, please be aware of these COVID-19-related safety measures below as we work to ensure a safe and healthy visit for all.

Entry and Hours

Safety Measures

  1. Cardio equipment is available at this time.
  2. The locker rooms are open, but you are responsible for any items brought with you into the space.
  3. No towels will be provided.
  4. Cleaning wipes are on site.
  5. Any items left in the Fitness Center will be turned in to the Department of Public Safety for pick up.
  6. You are responsible for safely using the equipment.