I am just here temporarily.

Owens welcomes visiting students all year round. Simply take a class or two online, and then transfer the credits to your home university. In the process, save money on your bachelor’s degree.

Some of the most popular online classes each semester are Calculus I, Business Statistics, Legal Environment of Business, Introductory Statistics, and Microeconomics.  Which class do you need for your degree?

Get started today!

Number One  Admissions Application

Complete your admissions application as soon as possible. If you are taking classes to transfer back to your home college, choose transient. If you are taking classes for personal enrichment, choose guest.

Number 2 Advising

Talk with an academic advisor at your home college to make sure the courses you take at Owens will transfer back and apply to your degree.

Number 3  Submit Transcripts

Submit your official transcripts, both high school and college. If you earned college credit while in high school, you must submit an official transcript from the college, too.

Number 4  Visiting Student Request Form

If you are unable to submit official transcripts in time for registration, or you are currently taking the class you need as a pre- or co-requisite, complete the Visiting Student Request Form.

Number 5  Activate your Ozone Account

You will use Ozone to register for classes, pay your bill and communicate with staff about registration.

Number 6  Register for Classes

Watch the online web registration tutorial at our Advising page on how to register.

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