Disability Resource Center for Current Students

Owens students

Do I need to renew my services at the beginning of each semester?

There is no need to come in and renew services once you have initially been approved.

Approximately one week before each semester begins you will receive a new letter of accommodation if you have enrolled in classes for that semester.

If you do not receive a copy, please reach out to your Accessibility Specialist at our office and we will make sure you have what you need.

Still need to get started with the DRC? Reach out to us:

How will I receive documents and communication from the DRC?

Make sure to check your Owens Community College email throughout the semester on a regular basis for updates from not only the DRC, but other offices on campus.

Remember we cannot correspond through any other emails except for your official Owens email.

How can I get started with tutoring?

It is your responsibility to Recognize your need for additional accommodations or other support services such as tutoring and counseling.

We do not provide 1:1 tutoring service in our office, but we can refer you to TRIO or the Learning Commons where they have tutors available to meet your individual needs.

How do I receive the necessary materials and equipment for my accommodations?

If you have been approved for specific accommodations that require our attention such as having textbooks read aloud, or use of a recorder to generate transcripts of your classes, please reach out to your accessibility specialist each semester in order to get the process started.

We have digital recorders that you can check out if that is an approved accommodation.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and require specific accommodations such as Closed Captioning or Interpreting, please let us know prior to each semester.

When an interpreter is needed, we typically require 3-5 days to secure and set up services.

Any request less than the required time to secure an interpreter is not a guarantee one will be available.

For more information contact the Disability Resource Center: