2022 Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions supports the endowed Performance Award Funds for students who are pursuing a career in the area of Fine and Performing Arts. Please support students and open access to the arts, allowing for creative learning without barriers!

Commemorative Tiles

We are again bringing our supporters a signature commemorative tile for your continued support of this artistic scholarship fund. This will be our fifth commemorative tile and each tile has been designed to feature the Owens “Rings” on a different artistic medium.

For this year only, our supporters can purchase a complete set of commemorative tiles or just an individual season.

The 2022 tile will be printed on burlap.

2022 Tile


See the past tiles below:

2021 Tile
2021 – Wood
2019 Tile
2019 – Glass
2018 Tile
2018 – Metal
2017 Tile
2017 – Clay

Be a supporter today and collect all Creative Expressions commemorative tiles!

Creative Expressions Student Support Event

In 2016, Owens honors student Yevette Stevens wanted to create an event that would support the efforts of students wanting to pursue an artistic career path.  Her passion sparked the annual event Creative Expressions. Since that first event, it has taken on many forms but always put an art experience as the centerpiece.  Each year since, the Creative Expressions event has sponsored a tile design that highlights the iconic “The Rings” as the inspiration.  These tiles have been the symbol of artistic support for our students each year.  This year in 2022, though we were not able to gather, is no different.  This design on burlap is one of five on different artistic mediums.

I hope that you will continue to support our Artistic Award fund by purchasing this year’s tile.  NEW this year only, you are able to purchase past year titles or if this is your first year, support this event by purchasing the entire collection.  Tiles 2017-2021 are in limited quantities., excluding 2020.

To date, we have awarded over $30,000 to students majoring in an artistic field and I hope that you will support this event in 2022 so we can support as many students as possible to achieve their artistic dream.


Michael A. Sander

Michael A. Sander
Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Owens Community College


2,500 +
performances, events and exhibits
since 2004
Average of
175 students
majoring in the arts
Artistic Performance Awards
amount awarded to students
since 2014
223 students
impacted by the
Artistic Scholarship Fund

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