Vacant, Director

Jennifer York, Sr. Data Systems Analyst

Jennifer York, Sr. Data Systems Analyst
(567) 661-7709

Jennifer has an AAB in Marketing and Sales Technologies from the University of Toledo, an AAS in Computer Programming Technology from Owens State Community College, a BS in Business Management and a MBA in Business Administration & Public Management, both from the University of Findlay. Prior to joining the Institutional Research department in November 2015, Jennifer worked in various leadership positions at Owens Community College. Areas for which she was responsible included: registrar and student services, records retention and destruction, project management and planning, systems implementation and development, systems programming and support, institution data support, development and maintenance of the online catalog and the academic scheduling software systems.

Lijun Catherine Liu

Lijun Catherine Liu, Research Associate

Catherine holds an M.D. and M.S. in Pharmacology from the Capital University of Medicine, Beijing, China and a Ph.D. in Educational Research and Measurement from the University of Toledo. She was an Assistant Professor in the Research Track at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences for 16 years and joined the Owens Institutional Research Office in 2020. Her areas of expertise include statistics, measurement, assessment validation, survey design, and program evaluation.