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Owens Community College has partnered with ReUp Education in an effort to use sophisticated analytics technology, as well as personalized coaching and mentorship, to help Owens identify, contact, and support the re-entry of stopout students.

To help remove any barriers and support students throughout the re-enrollment process, Owens is also a member of the ReUp Network – the national on-ramp for college completion. Comprising innovative partner colleges and universities offering unique programs, the Network creates a more dynamic and equitable ecosystem to meet every student’s needs by becoming the easiest way for stop-outs to return or transfer to Owens – to earn their degree.


About ReUp

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Alyse Spencer
Alyse Spencer
Success Coach
Cherish Brunet
Cherish Brunet
Network Specialist
Brooke Wallace
Brooke Wallace
Director of Partner Success


Each year, millions of students drop out of college or university – some 36 million Americans in the last two decades. The reasons students stop working towards their degree are multi-dimensional, with the primary barriers being:
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  • Financial
  • Work
  • Family obligations
  • Health-related issues
  • Motivation

Making the decision to return and taking the steps necessary to re-enter can take months before it finally leads them back to their first class.

ReUp uses an approach that combines data, technology, and humanity to find, engage, re-enroll, and support stopped-out students to degree completion.

ReUp uses an approach that combines data, technology, and humanity to find, engage, re-enroll, and support stopped-out students to degree completion.  The ReUp coaching team connects with students on a human level to help them define their “big picture” and educational goals, and overcome obstacles in their path to return to school. ReUp Success Coaches aren’t just a resource to students through the re-enrollment and registration processes; rather, their support continues all the way until graduation.

Success Coaches provide support beyond the registration process. They strive to ensure that students have a deep understanding of what to expect when they return and are equipped with the tools and resources to help them succeed. A Success Coach does not replace the student’s campus advisor. They are an added resource that supports the student and helps them find the agency to complete their degree.

Across all partners, ReUp has re-enrolled more than 14,000 students and recaptured over $44 million in tuition revenue.

“My coach has been a blessing. I feel confident going into this new phase that I’m wiser but I feel incredibly privileged being provided with all the advantages between my coaches and the support system on campus to make my dreams a reality. I look forward to paying it forward with all that has been invested through this experience into my future career as a social work practitioner.”
– Student email message to ReUp Coach