Testing Center Rules

All Testing Candidates:

  • A valid photo ID is required (two IDs may be required for some Pearson VUE exams (see candidate rules for more information) — Photo ID must have first, last name and signature.
  • Only items specified by your instructor or exam provider will be allowed in the Testing Room. All other belongings must be placed in a locker located in the Testing Center. The following items are not permitted in the Testing Room:
    • Heavy coats and jackets
    • Hats with brims
    • Purses, backpacks and briefcases
    • Food and beverages
    • USB flash drives
    • Personal computers, Cell phones, Smartwatches, Pagers, iPods or Bluetooth headsets/earbuds and other non-medical electronic devices. If a proctor witnesses you with any of these items in the Testing Room, your exam will be considered ended. Cell phones must be placed on silent or turned off prior to being placed in the locker.
    • Testing Center staff has final determination of what is allowed into the testing room.
  • Students cannot bring their own scrap paper. Scrap paper will be provided by Testing Services. All scrap paper must be returned to Testing Services staff. Testing Services may also provide pens, pencils, and calculators (if allowed/available).
  • Children and/or guests are not allowed in the Testing Center. If you have children, please make arrangements for their care while you take your exam.
  • Appointments are required. The Testing Center staff cannot guarantee same-day appointments for walk-ins.
  • Please allow adequate time to check in and receive instructions for your exam (approximately 15 minutes). Come prepared and know the length of time allowed for your exam. Give yourself enough time to complete the exam prior to the Testing Center closing for the day. All tests will be collected at closing time, regardless of time remaining.
  • Items left in the Testing Center will be given to the Department of Public Safety on both the Toledo and Findlay campuses.
  • Academic Misconduct is not tolerated and will be reported to the instructor or exam provider.
  • The Testing Center is continually monitored and video recorded for academic honesty to uphold exam integrity and eliminate the opportunity for an unfair advantage.
  • Testing Services does its best to maintain the best possible conditions for testing. It is our goal to provide a quiet, distraction-free testing experience in a comfortable environment. Please communicate with Testing Services staff if you have any concerns about the testing environment.
  • All exams are proctored according to instructions provided to the Testing Center staff.

Owens Students:

  • Students MUST know their class information, including the name of their instructor and course number for course tests.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact their instructor to discuss testing options and provide the Testing Center with the exam. Students requiring special arrangements, such as extended time and/or additional materials, must make those arrangements with the instructor. The instructor will indicate this information on the Testing Center Request Form.
  • Homework cannot be accepted by Testing Services. Please make arrangements with your instructor.
  • No exams are given beyond the end date without VERBAL or WRITTEN permission from the INSTRUCTOR to the Testing Services staff.
  • Once a student begins an exam, they cannot leave the Testing Center and return to complete it at a later date/time.
  • If an act of Academic Misconduct is suspected, the instructor will be notified, and disciplinary actions may be taken.
  • If students need special arrangements or accommodations, they may contact Testing Services (567) 661-TEST (8378) or the Disability Resource Center (567) 661-7007.