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Round Three Grant Funding

"Owens Workforce and Community Services has enabled Pro-Pak Industries to maximize the benefits of the Energizing Careers Grant and generate employee development. Our sincere thanks to the entire staff of Owens Workforce and Community Services."

Scott Armey
Human Resource Manager

Put the power of customized contract training to work for your organization. Owens brings you precision-crafted education featuring polished presenters and measurable results.

Working with Owens Corporate Training means:

  • Training when and where you want it - your place or ours, 24/7
  • Presenters with many years of real-world experience, ready to share valuable knowledge
  • Content aligned with your organization's strategic goals
  • Dividends for your organization's success and bottom line
  • Owens-branded completion certificates for each participant

Think of us as a Branch of Your Training Department.

Dedicated training for your organization is a cost-effective, efficient, and convenient way to train employees. We take pride in crafting training that ensures everyone in your organization shares a common vision - based on the story you tell us as we learn about your organization. The Owens Corporate Training team models our services around the time-tested techniques endorsed by the Learning Resource Network (LERN), an international association of lifelong learning.

Start your success today by calling Carl Dettmer in Toledo at (567) 661-7319.

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