Culinary Arts Program, AAS (Owens Code: CAPP)

The Culinary Arts Program prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the rapidly growing culinary arts industry.

Students complete a combination of management, nutrition and menu design courses, in addition to instruction in fundamental, intermediate and advanced culinary skills.

The Program reinforces these skills through hands-on experience in the culinary arts field during the co-operative work experience and the student-run restaurant, The Terrace View Café.

Graduates of the Culinary Arts Program find job opportunities as Chefs and Sous Chefs, Supervisors of Food Preparation Workers, Food Service Managers, Chefs in Health care Facilities and as Private Chefs.

Graduates are eligible to receive the Certified Culinarian (CC) credential from the American Culinary Federation upon graduation.

Students interested in training for entry-level food service positions should explore the Baking and Pastry Certificate (Owens Code: ZBPD) or Culinary Arts Certificate (Owens Code: ZCAB).

Turn your passion into a rewarding career in the Culinary Arts.


The Culinary Arts Certificate program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF).  For more information concerning accreditation standards, contact the American Culinary Federation, 180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, Florida 32095, phone number 800-624-9458, web address