Career and Major Exploration

The Career Journey


The first step in your career journey is to learn about yourself. Below are some tools for you to discover more about your abilities, skills, interests, and values related to work.

  • Go to Career Coach, and create a profile to save your data. Click on Take Career Assessment, and choose the 60-question assessment.
  • Go to Focus 2 and create an account using the Access Code:  OWENS.   Complete one or all of the Self Assessments.
  • Visit Pathful Explore and complete one or all of the Interests and Values Assessments.

Career Exploration

The second step in your career journey is to learn about career options. Below are some tools for you to discover the career opportunities available to you based on your career assessment results.

  • Go to Career Coach to learn more about possible career fields, current job opportunities, and related Owens majors.
  • Go to Focus 2 to compare occupations based on not only your skills, but your interests and values as well.
  • Visit Pathful Explore to watch videos of working professionals in their work environments.

Action Plan

The final step in your career journey is to create a plan to reach your career goals.

  • Make a Decision — Choose a career path and related major.
  • Set Your Goals — Create an Academic Plan with your Academic Advisor.
  • Evaluate Your Academic Progress — Meet with your Academic Advisor each semester.

Contact Us

If you need further assistance, our Career and Transfer Advisors are here to help you find the ideal major and/or career. Please call (567) 661-2387 to make an appointment.