Open Internship Positions

Students have the option to intern in a position they have found through their own initiative, if approved by the Internship Manager/internship course faculty or go through the internship program.

If students opt for the latter, they are encouraged to apply to the program at least 6 weeks before the intended internship semester starts, in order to increase the odds of finding a position by the semester’s start date.

Open Internship Positions

Job/Internship Resources

Job Boards

In addition to the positions listed above, students can search for positions using online job boards, like College Central NetworkOhio Means Jobs and, to name a few. These websites serve as a meeting place for students and employers. They allow students to post their resumes and look for positions in fields they are interested in.

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn can be another resource for jobs/internships. To learn how to create a LinkedIn profile, please visit the LinkedIn Profile Checklist page.