Internship Program

Why Intern

Students who take internships stand out from the crowd, build professional relationships, understand the jobs and industries they want to work in, and more. Internships do not build resumes; they build professionals.

For more information on internship benefits, student testimonials, and how to apply, please click through the brochure below.

learning in the real world
why intern
internship benefits
in their words
What our students say
Meet some of our Interns
Some of our business partners
the SBIP Internship Program
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Slide 1, Learning in the Real World
Slide 2, Why do an internship?
Slide 3, Internship Benefits
Slide 4, In Their Words
Slide 5, What our students say
Slide 6, Meet some of our Interns
Slide 7, Some of our business partners
Slide 8, The SBIP Internship Program
Slide 9, Contact Us
Slide 10, Apply today!
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