The CARE Team responds to reports about students whose behavior is raising concerns within the College community. The team’s responsibilities include gathering and sharing information, discussing concerns about a student within a setting or across multiple settings, and managing situations that encompass a variety of issues.

The CARE Team is committed to the following:

  • Responding to reports regarding students of concern who are in need of extra support
  • Assessing the most appropriate way to intervene and support a student
  • Addressing student behaviors that impact our community
  • Intervening so a student may achieve academic and personal success
  • Balancing the needs of an individual student with the needs of the community

Referring a student of concern to the CARE Team

Students, faculty, staff, and any member of the College community who observe students whose behaviors may demonstrate distress affecting their overall well-being may report a student of concern to the CARE Team.

How to Make a Referral

Submit an online CARE report or you may contact any member of the CARE Team.  Any member of the CARE Team who is made aware of a concern will notify the chair of the CARE Team, who will then bring reported concerns before the CARE Team.

CARE Team Members

Krista Kiessling,
Director of Campus and Community Connections

Annette Staunton,
Manager of Tutoring

Jodi Gore,
Instructor in Social Work and Human Services

Dwayne Dotson,
Department of Public Safety Representative

When is it Appropriate to Make a Referral?

Students should be referred to the CARE Team if they show signs of distress that may affect their personal or academic well-being.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • student is increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable or disconnected
  • student has bizarre or disjointed thoughts
  • academic and/or social performance declines
  • behavior reflects increased hopelessness or helplessness
  • shows significant and marked changes in behavior or mood
  • student has shared concern over financial, food, housing, and/or transportation
  • student has shared medical concerns that may affect ability to complete the semester successfully

If a student appears they are in immediate danger to themselves or others, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately at (567) 661-7575.

What happens when a referral is made to the CARE Team?

  1. The CARE Team will review the information and assess whether or not CARE Team response is appropriate.
  2. A CARE Team member will follow-up with the reporting party if consultation was requested in the report.
  3. The reporting party will not receive additional information unless there is an educational need to know.
  4. CARE Team referrals can be made anonymously (by not putting in reporting party name and contact information in the report). However, students will be notified that they have been reported through the CARE report if CARE Team response is appropriate.
  5. The CARE Team meets when reports of student concern are made to determine the most appropriate response. The immediate goal is to attend to individual student and community well-being and safety. After that, the CARE Team will explore opportunities to support persistence and academic success.