Types of Classes Offered

Owens (Aspire) College and Career Readiness Center

Below is a list of classes available to students through the Owens (Aspire) College and Career Readiness Center.

High School Equivalency (HSE – Formerly GED) Classes

This class is for adults wanting to obtain a High School Equivalency Certificate. CCR courses provide free instruction at the learner’s pace.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Classes

This class is for non-native English-speaking students who desire to improve their speaking/listening or reading/writing skills in the English Language.

Students will also have the opportunity to gain cultural and citizenship skills.

Advanced ESOL

The Advanced ESOL class is for higher-level non-native English speakers who want to take college classes here at Owens or prepare to start a career.

ASPIRE placement testing is required.

College Preparation Course (CPC)

The College Preparation Course acts as a bridge to college enrollment by teaching the basic skills that will lead to higher placement scores.