Purchasing your Books/Supplies for College Credit Plus Classes

CCP students must confirm with their counselor the high school policy on obtaining/purchasing books for CCP courses.

Many Owens CCP students purchase books from the Owens Bookstore, but please be aware, all books are the property of the high school and MUST be returned to the student’s high school at the end of each course.

Students must work with their home schools to ensure they are to buy books from Owens partnered bookstore. If students need help, they should contact their CCP Advisor first.

Obtaining Additional Materials/Supplies for CCP Classes

If an instructor has included additional course materials/supplies (beyond the textbook) on the class syllabus please contact your Owens Advisor. Your Owens CCP Advisor will assist in obtaining these items. School supplies not required on the syllabus will be at the expense of the student.

All required additional materials/supplies MUST be returned at the end of the semester the course is taken to your Owens CCP Advisor.

Supplies could include: paints, calculators, film, scrubs, etc.