Equal Opportunity and Inclusiveness

Owens definition of diversity refers to the fact that society, both locally and nationally is comprised of many individuals, each having unique attributes based on a variety of social, physical, and cultural characteristics. Included within, but not limited to these attributes are age, class/economic status, disabilities, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation and veteran status.

Mission Statement

Owens Community College commits to a policy of inclusiveness that strives to value and respect all people who bring talent, perspectives and different ways of accomplishing goals to our college regardless of all the different dimensions that individuals and groups encompass.

Owens Community College is committed to developing initiatives that foster an environment of inclusion that integrates and celebrates diversity throughout the environment, where people can work and learn harmoniously and productively with others.

An educational and working environment is an environment where:

  • There is respect for all people
  • Employees respect others differences
  • Differences are viewed as a plus to the organization not a hindrance
  • All employees feel comfortable, equal, and encouraged to express their views
  • No particular group receives extra benefits
  • Individuals are judged by their own skills, talents and abilities not by stereotyped misconceptions
  • Work environments have diverse make-ups and where different ideas and approaches are welcome

Vision Statement

The changing composition of our society demands that Owens prepare its students, faculty and staff for life and leadership within an increasingly diverse society. The existence of diversity at Owens provides us with the opportunity to discover ways to integrate all individuals and groups into the larger community in a manner that respects and values uniqueness while at the same time, advancing the college in its vision and mission.

Location & Contact Information

Office Location: Administration Hall, Second Floor, Human Resources
Phone: (567) 661-7523

For employee matters, employment interview accommodations and student issues (including Title IX), contact Blake Renner at blake_renner@owens.edu.

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