Memorials and Tributes

Commemorating someone who has made a significant impact on your life or in the community through a memorial or tribute gift not only honors that individual, but benefits students at Owens Community College whose lives can be profoundly transformed.

Scholarships given in memory of loved ones speak volumes about the lives of those we remember. Gifts can be given to celebrate milestones in someone’s life – a birthday, anniversary, special accomplishment. No matter the event, your gift in honor of that special someone can help foster a student on their road to success.

If you would like to establish a fund or scholarship in memory of someone who was close to you, please contact the Foundation at (567) 661-7603 or

Other Payment Options:
If you prefer not to make your gift electronically via credit card, you may mail gifts to:

Owens Community College Foundation
PO Box 10,000
Toledo, OH 43699

Examples of Recently Established Funds

The Alice L. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund – established in memory of Alice who was an instructor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Emergency Services, this scholarship is awarded to students who are enrolled in the Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certificate or Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic Certificate programs.

The Jennifer M. Mosely Memorial Fund – established in memory of Jennifer who was a former employee in the Owens Public Safety, this fund supports a Recognition Tree on the Toledo Campus that will be marked with an engraved plaque.

The Richard D. Koontz Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund – established in memory of Richard D. Koontz who made a career in the Navy as an electronics instructor. He was also an electronics instructor at PENTA. This scholarship was established to carry on his spirit of encouragement by helping students and members of the community to achieve their career goals. The criteria for selecting scholarship recipients are intended to capture the essence of both the care for his students and the drive to push them to be successful.

The Zachary A. McGinnis Memorial Scholarship Fund – established by Owens staff member Angie McGinnis in memory of Zachary, who passed away before the age of one year. This scholarship is open to students enrolled in any program or certificate.

Current Memorial Scholarships and Funds

Alice Johnston Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Bill Buck Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Bud Weaver Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Cloyd A. Payne, Jr. Memorial Math Scholarship
Detective Keith Dressel Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Don Brondes Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Ellen Wallack Memorial Scholarship
J.B. Lang Memorial Endowed Scholarship
James & Jeannette (Croubels) Johnson Memorial Scholarship
James. A. Adams Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jeremy Stone Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jennifer M. Moseley Memorial Fund
Michael W. Rickard Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Officer William A. Miscannon Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Osman Shutina Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Patricia A. Hausmann Memorial Scholarship
Pauline Schmidt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Privates Stephen Machcinski & James Dickman Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Rich Harmon Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Richard D. Koontz Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Rudy Aschenbrener Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Ryan, Mary and Hayden Walters Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sandra L. Smith Norwalk Memorial Dental Scholarship
Scott Simpson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Slade Wielinski Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Steven Harrison Memorial Scholarship
Zachary A. McGinnis Memorial Endowed Scholarship