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Learn more about Owens Community College Music Business Technology

Learn more about Music Business Technology at Owens Community College

Music Business Technology, AAS (Owens Code: MUBT)

This degree is designed to prepare students for employment in the music business and recording arts industry. The program enables students to develop strong skills in traditional music business and production including courses in marketing, accounting, and contemporary business. Further, students will receive core instruction in standard recording techniques while utilizing industry standard software and MIDI technology. During their final year of study, students will select a concentration within the program that will culminate in a focused internship and portfolio development in either music business or recording.

Graduates from this program will be prepared for entry-level or higher employment positions as producers, directors, audio and video equipment technicians, broadcast technicians, radio operators, and sound engineer technicians. Graduates work as employees of other production and recording companies or as free-lance professionals.

Students in the Music Business Technology program take courses in Pro Tools Operations, Reason, Studio Operations, Live Sound Reinforcement, Music Copyright Law, Publishing and Artist Management.

Fast Facts

Potential earnings

$32,000 and up

Career opportunities

  • Sound Engineer
  • Audio & Video Equipment Technician
  • Producers & Directors
  • Music Production & Sales
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Publishing
  • Popular Music Musician
  • Contemporary Church Musician
  • Broadcast & Sound Engineer
  • Technicians/Radio Operators


  • MIDI Mac Lab
  • Mixing Suite
  • Piano Lab
  • Recording Lab
  • Student Practice Rooms
  • Student Recording Studio

Music Business Internship Partners

  • Viewpoint Productions, LLC
  • Stone Soup
  • Valentine Theatre
  • Great Lakes Sound
  • Cedar Creek Church
  • Sweetwater Studios
  • Owens Center for Fine and Performing Arts

Internship partners