Owens Severe Weather Policy

Severe Weather

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During the spring and summer months, severe thunderstorm, tornado, or other severe weather warnings are more prominent. The public safety department and the buildings & grounds department (recognized by red shirts) will implement an emergency procedure to warn employees, students, and guests. When a designated staff member appears with warning information, listen carefully, and follow the emergency instructions that are given.

Communicating Closings/Delays

When a decision is made to cancel classes due to snow or severe weather, a public announcement will be communicated in the following manner:

Northwest Ohio Television


Social Media

Notices will be sent via the Colleges official social media channels.

Owens Alert Management System

Students and employees can receive convenient messages by text and voice by registering up to six phone numbers and up to two e-mail addresses in Ozone via the automated campus alert system.

Time frame for Closing/Delay Decisions

When feasible, decisions for closing the college will be made prior to six a.m. for day classes and before three forty-five p.m. for evening classes.

Announcements will apply to both credit and non-credit classes and to all other scheduled events on the campus.