Organizational Strategic Plan

After more than nine months of extensive work, Owens Community College has adopted a new 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. The Board of Trustees approved the Plan, along with our newly-revised mission and vision statements. The plan is based input from hundreds of internal and external voices.

Six strategic improvement goals now guide our important work; these goals are supported by twenty key objectives that are specific and measurable. The new mission and vision statements contain our organizational consensus on our purpose, what defines and distinguishes us from other similar organizations, and what we hope our College will become in the future.

Thank you for being a part of our strategic planning process. Your input means a great deal to all of us here at Owens. We appreciate you being a part of our efforts to foster student and community success.

Steve Robinson, Ph.D.


Developed in the Fall of 2018 through an extensive community engagement process, this plan is the product of 26 stakeholder input sessions and a comprehensive survey of students, community, faculty and staff. The Strategic Improvement Goals are supported by a total of 20 Key Objectives, each of which will be measured by specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Increase Enrollment, Completion and Student Success

1.1 Actively manage enrollment and drive increases in targeted student populations

1.2 Improve student retention and completion

1.3 Measure and improve post-college student success (e.g. employment and transfer)

1.4 Create pathways to success for all students


Improve and Enhance the Student Experience

2.1 Improve student satisfaction with direct service areas

2.2 Improve student satisfaction and awareness of student life activities on campus

2.3 Address and improve equity outcomes for students

2.4 Measure and set targets for student connection to campus and community resources to provide wrap-around services


Develop Workforce and Labor Market Outcomes

3.1 Address local employment needs with relevant programs

3.2 Enhance and promote co-op and internship experiences

3.3 Improve and promote career and job placement services


Cultivate Community Image and Advancement

4.1 Grow and enhance deep collaboration with area higher education, K-12 and community organizations

4.2 Advance Owens as the partner of choice for regional business and industry

4.3 Directly address community college stigma and re-define institutional image


Improve College Culture and Quality of Life

5.1 Measure and improve college culture, morale, and engagement

5.2 Intentionally promote diversity and inclusion among college faculty and staff

5.3 Increase employee knowledge, skills, and abilities through training and strategic professional development


Build Financial Strength and Capacity

6.1 Improve and maintain core financial indicators

6.2 Create growth in foundation, fundraising and alumni

6.3 Maintain appropriate investment in facilities, technology