Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Strategic Objectives

Building a Community of Belonging
Become the hub of the Region where the institution is known for its caring, welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of background, educational experience and goals, employment skills, and comfort level in a classroom, bands together to enrich the Region.

Expanding Our Partnerships
Nurture and cultivate robust partnerships serving as the catalyst for growth and success, connecting northwest Ohio and beyond.

Developing an Agile Framework
Provide an agile framework, rooted in continuous quality improvement and based on a thorough understanding of the ever-changing student needs, which helps students to efficiently obtain their desired outcomes.

Deepening Employee Engagement
Create organizational strength by fostering a culture of trust and community through shared leadership, recognizing individuals’ contributions and promoting life long growth.

Ensuring a Sustainable Organization
Promote high quality education and training built upon a sustainable fiscal model driven by strategic enrollment growth and balanced resource management.

Telling Our Story
Thoughtfully communicate our story to strategically position Owens Community College as a first choice in education, partnerships and investments.