Mission, Vision & Values

Owens Community College


Owens Community College is the conduit to changing lives for the better in northwest Ohio. Through affordable, accessible, high quality education and training, and connecting with business and industry through relevant programs, we create pathways to a better quality of life and progress for the Region.


Owens Community College will be the connector between people, industry and dynamic growth in the Region. By creating solutions to the education, training and workforce needs of the Region, we will be an indispensable partner and a first choice to students, employers and the northwest Ohio community.



Every student, employee, and member of the community is treated with respect and has a home here. We serve our communities and we remove the barriers so that high quality education and training are accessible to everyone. Our team will work daily to nurture empathy and meet the needs of all types of learners, employees and visitors.


We change lives: those we touch and those we may never even meet. Beyond our students and our employees, transformation reaches to their families, employers, neighborhoods and broader community. The meaningful interaction, the critical learning, the care and understanding that is inherent in our relationships transforms lives and positively impacts the entire region.


We are connected to the community and deliberate with our choices to expand, grow and change such that our institution is positioned and ready to succeed. We live for today, with an eye toward the future.


We encourage creativity and collaboration to allow our team to develop forward-thinking solutions for our students and partners that ensure not only relevance and sustainability, but a flourishing, prosperous institution for the community.


We foster opportunities for our entire college community to help them create paths and determine “what’s next” in the way that best suits them.


Owens Community College is dedicated to cultivating an equitable and inclusive college community that considers the impact of its actions on all members. Owens Community College will continue to assess the needs of students, faculty, and staff to provide an environment and resources that foster success. As a community, we will adopt practices that promote equity, nurture a culture of inclusion, promote social justice, and use that power to ensure success for all our members.
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