Third Party Payments


Online Vendor Payments

  • Enter your Vendor ID and Invoice Number and click "Pay Now" to make a payment by Master Card, Visa, Discover or E-Check. The page will redirect to a Secure, PCI-Compliant payment form.
  • Please refer to your invoice to determine your Vendor ID and Invoice Number.
  • Your invoice number will begin with the letter "S" followed by 7 digits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Vendor ID and Invoice Number?
We use these two pieces of information to validate the posting of a payment to your account.

Where is the Vendor ID and Invoice Number located on my invoice?
This will depend on the department which sent the invoice. Examples of each of our 3 invoices are displayed here.

Am I limited to pay only the amount on my invoice?
Your payment form will allow any amount of payment. The invoice number you enter is simply used to validate the account you would like your payment applied to. For that reason, you are not required to enter a current invoice number - any invoice number generated previously will work to identify your account.

When will Owens Credit my account as paid?
The payment will be posted to your Owens Account the next business day.

Is my payment information safe?
Yes. In order to remain fully PCI compliant, Owens Community College does not store any card or account information. Online credit card and E-check payments are processed by a fully PCI-Compliant 3rd Party payment gateway.

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