Fee Definitions

Academic Support Service Fee:
Assessed to new students or students who complete a new application to cover lab assistance, advising and tutoring.

Academic Technology Fee:
Covers costs associated primarily with technologies, applications and software solutions that result in a student’s ability to access information for learning and that meet the College’s educational objectives.

Administrative Technology Fee:
Covers costs associated with the technologies used on our campuses.  This includes wi-fi, telephones and technologies that Owens uses to deliver services. It also covers technology solutions to engage the community as well as run the institution on a daily basis.

Application Fee:
Assessed at the time of registration to students who initiate a new College application.

Computer Usage Fee:
Covers costs associated with maintaining computers used on all of our campuses and locations. It also provides funding to replace and/or upgrade computers that will enhance the delivery of information to our students and the necessities in our computer labs.  Also covers the students’ printing quota each semester.

Laboratory Fee:
Assessed to lab courses to cover lab-related costs/materials in excess of those covered by general tuition.

New Student Orientation Fee:
Assessed to cover the cost of New Student Orientation.

Registration Fee:
Assessed at the time of registration each semester to cover general operations associated with scheduling of course offerings.

Student Engagement Fee:
Provides meaningful educational and social opportunities for our students at Owens. It helps cover costs associated with student organizations, student ambassadors, counseling, the operation of the SHAC and events focused on the student.

Transportation and Parking Fee:
Covers the cost of parking lots and transportation.

Career Services Fee:
Covers experiential learning, internship opportunities, resume building, resume review, interview preparation and practice and job exploration.

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