Take 15

Owens Community College encourages full-time students to consider taking 15 credits per semester in order to reach their academic goals. Here are the Top 15 reasons to Take 15 credit hours:

  1. Graduate on time — the more credits you take, the fewer semesters you may need to attend
  2. Save money by completing your studies in a shorter amount of time, which equals less debt
  3. Start your career sooner
  4. Earn money faster — entering the workforce sooner gives you that much more time to earn money throughout your lifetime
  5. Earn additional credit hours for transfer — if your goal is to continue on for your bachelor’s degree, extra credit hours now can help you earn it sooner
  6. Take advantage of multiple course offerings including online, evening and weekend classes
  7. Gain additional years of earnings
  8. Increase your likelihood of graduating
  9. Achieve your dreams earlier
  10. Demonstrate your dedication to your education
  11. Develop a more engaged campus social life
  12. Have more opportunity to interact with faculty
  13. Increase chances of being involved in educational programs, such as honors programs
  14. Increase likelihood of better grades
  15. Achieve personal satisfaction!

Students who Take 15 credit hours per semester have been able to graduate on time, save tuition money, and start their careers sooner. Taking just one more class can make the difference, and the benefits are endless! Talk with your advisor today!