Department of Teacher Education and Human Services


Owens Community College prepares students to become professionals in the fields of education and social work by providing knowledge, skills and values that reflect the highest standards of quality in the fields, and form a foundation for lifelong learning.

A primary emphasis is to develop attitudes and values in students indicative of caring, competent and committed educators. The program supports children, families, and the community by educating entry level, transfer, and returning students in current professional practices and theory through classroom, clinical and field experiences.

Our students are prepared to begin their careers with a strong knowledge base and the ability to reflect and continuously improve their practices. One of our primary goals is to provide competent and caring teachers and social workers.

The Department of Teacher Education and Human Services has developed a strong network of community partners who have been crucial to our success. Our community partners assist us in the learning process by providing field sites for students to integrate their theoretical learning from the classroom into practice. They also serve as a resource by serving on our Advisory Boards.

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