Information for Faculty

The Writing Center offers one-to-one assistance to help writers improve their skills at any stage of the writing process. Because the Writing Center is not an editing service or meant to replace the instructor, we strive to help the writer, not just the writing. For this reason, tutors do not revise, edit, or proofread; instead, they encourage and empower students to look for and correct their own errors and develop their ideas.

Students may request to have their attendance for a tutoring session reported to their instructor.

A free service, the Writing Center is available to all students, staff, and faculty, as well as former Owens students who have an OCID number. Tutors are also available to help with resumes and other materials.

Referring students to the Writing Center can help instructors receive more clearly and skillfully written assignments, allowing them to spend more time with students on course-related material rather than working on the writing process.

We support all writing needs. Tutors work one-to-one with students, asking Socratic questions to help students find their own answers. Tutors also help students with basic computer questions, such as formatting their documents in MLA or APA style.

 eTutoring is available. As part of Owens Community College’s membership in the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, we are also able to provide free online tutoring services to students. Students can access these services by clicking on the “Student Resources” tab in their Blackboard courses.

Many types of writing help are available to students through the eTutoring service. For example, students can upload their papers for review, after which they will receive comprehensive written feedback from a qualified tutor belonging to the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative. Students are also able to post questions that do not require immediate feedback. Additionally, students gain access to electronic academic resources through the eTutoring website.

Orientations providing a brief (10 to 15-minute) introduction to our writing center services can be requested for your class.

Please contact Annette Staunton ( if you would like to schedule an orientation.

Encourage students to use the Writing Center by recommending our services in your syllabi.

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The Writing Center

The Writing Center, offers individualized, out-of-class assistance to students at any stage of the writing process. The center also offers tutoring in study skills. Schedule an appointment or view walk-in hours this link. >>