Alumni Hall of Fame Awards

Sponsored by the Owens Community College Foundation, the Alumni Hall of Fame Awards are prestigious honors presented annually to recognize the achievement of outstanding Owens alumni who have excelled personally and professionally, making a continued and significant difference in their community on a local, state, national or international level.

The Alumni Committee officially inducted the inaugural honorees at the 2024 Creative Expressions gala celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Center for Fine and Performing Arts on April 20, 2024 (left to right): Tom Daniels, Dr. Dione D. Somerville, Lesa Swimmer, Melanie Dunn, Dee Talmage, Sarah Heldmann, David Seeger, Glenn Houck

Class of 2024 Alumni Hall of Fame Award Recipients

School of Business, Hospitality Management and Public Safety

David Seeger

David W. Seeger, Ed.D.
‘80, AAB – Marketing and Sales Technology

Dr. David W. Seeger is an adjunct faculty member at Owens Community College teaching business and leadership-type courses. He also has been an adjunct faculty member at Lourdes University. Dr. Seeger was the President/CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union, Inc., for 27 years and now holds the title of President Emeritus.

He earned an Associate Degree in Business from Owens Community College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Lourdes University and a Doctorate in Leadership Studies in Higher Education from Bowling Green State University.

He is also the owner/founder of Seeger Consulting Service, LLC servicing clients in business consulting, marketing, accounting and taxation. A member of the American Creditors Association and a Certified Credit Executive in the Society of Certified Credit Executives, Dr. Seeger is a former President of the Owens Community College Alumni Association, former President of the Lourdes University Alumni Association and a Director Emeritus of the Owens Community College Foundation Board.

School of Liberal Arts

Melanie Dunn

Melanie L. Dunn, AAS
’11, AAS – Commercial Art Technology

Melanie Dunn’s professional journey is a tale of growth, creativity and dedication. Beginning at Bowling Green State University for Journalism, Melanie’s non-traditional path led her to Owens Community College, where she discovered a passion for visual design. After graduating, the symphony created by blending design with strategic marketing captivated her. This foundation has been crucial to her career, especially in her current role at Madhouse, where she crafts compelling narratives and innovates strategies for a diverse group of clients.

Dunn began Cuttlefish Graphics as a freelance design platform, embodying her early ventures into the creative industry. Over the years, it evolved significantly, transitioning from a full-time design service to a specialized boutique for print-on-demand and digital products in the last five years. This shift reflects her journey toward creating more accessible and customizable art forms, enabling individuals to find unique expressions and solutions that resonate with their personal or professional branding needs.

Dunn’s commitment to education and mentorship is deeply personal. Having experienced the transformative power of guidance and knowledge first-hand, she is passionate about giving back, especially to the Owens community. Serving on advisory boards and engaging in mentorship roles, she strives to inspire and support the next generation of creatives, sharing insights from her journey and the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and design.

The nomination for the Owens Alumni Hall of Fame has been a moment of reflection for Dunn – a chance to appreciate the journey, the mentors, the peers and every challenge and triumph along the way. This honor serves as a reminder of the impact we can make when we combine our talents with a commitment to growth, community and innovation.

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Glenn Houck

Glenn E. Houck Jr., MSM
‘04, AAS – Radiography

Glenn E. Houck Jr. serves as the Director of Radiology Clinical Operations at Michigan Health, distinguished for his pivotal role in advancing diagnostic imaging clinical programs, enriching the educational journey of over 50 students with hands-on healthcare experience.

An Owens alum with a degree in Radiography and a Master of Science in Management from Purdue University, his transition from the U.S. Army to a healthcare innovator as a Registered Radiologic Technologist is driven by a dedication to improving patient care and educational excellence.

Beyond his professional realm, he is deeply invested in community service, mentoring young athletes in football, basketball and baseball for the past decade. His efforts reflect a profound commitment to instilling values of teamwork and resilience, mirroring his professional dedication to healthcare advancements and personal growth.

Houck’s journey exemplifies a balance between professional innovation and community contribution, underscoring his holistic approach to leadership and development.

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Lesa Swimmer

Lesa M. Swimmer, MA
’96, AS – General Concentration

Lesa M. Swimmer has proudly spent more than half of her life at Owens Community College. Starting as a student worker and tutor in 1993, she has remained on-campus for the past three decades, teaching math, biology, chemistry and physical science courses since 1999.

Swimmer completed her Bachelor of Science while simultaneously taking classes at Owens & Bowling Green State University as a single, working mother. She went on to earn her Master of Art in Medical Sciences while working full-time. Having served on hiring committees, as an advisor for the Owens Pride Club (GSA) student group, as a student mentor for the Helping Ourselves through Pride & Education (HOPE) Program and beyond, she has organized many events for students and alumni, including out-of-state conferences.

Truly embodying the community connections of Owens, she has created a women’s support group of students, alumni, family and friends to create uplifting and fun networking experiences to encourage continuing education and advancing education. Swimmer is also professionally engaged off-campus as the current Chair-Elect for the Toledo Section of the American Chemical Society. Always going above and beyond for students and the Owens community, she has received much-deserved appreciation from students, fellow alumni and community members over the years.

Community Service

Sarah Heldmann

Sarah R. Heldmann, BS
’14, AAS – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Sarah Heldmann, BS, COTA/L, ATP, ACUE has more than 20 years of experience working in the disability community including 10 years working as an occupational therapy assistant. She graduated from the occupational therapy assistant program at Owens in 2014 and since then has modeled achievements in clinical, leadership, teaching and volunteer roles. Heldmann has worked in both school and community-based settings with the primary population served being those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is part of the occupational therapy team at Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities. She often develops innovative programming in her practice setting to ensure that folks with disabilities can engage in meaningful occupations and reach goals that may have otherwise felt unattainable.

Heldmann enjoys networking with other community agencies to expand the reach of occupational therapy and ensure accessibility across community settings. She serves in local, state and national leadership and volunteer capacities related to her work as an occupational therapy assistant. Appointed to the occupational therapy licensure board for Ohio in 2021, she has served in volunteer leadership capacities for state and national occupational therapy associations and conferences as well. She has been recognized for this work receiving both the Passion Award and Model Practice Award from the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association in 2019.

A proud advocate for the role of occupational therapy assistants, Heldmann is often asked to speak regarding her work and leadership experiences at conferences and occupational therapy programs across the country. She contributed a chapter on the role of occupational therapy assistants to the textbook, “Best Practices for Occupational Therapy in Early Childhood”. Heldmann has continued her love of learning by achieving credentials in effective online teaching (ACUE) as well as becoming an assistive technology professional (ATP). She extends her love of learning to the classroom where she has been adjunct faculty at Owens since 2015. While she primarily teaches in the occupational therapy assistant program, she also has taught courses in health information technology and interprofessional education (IPE). Heldmann is passionate about interprofessional education and has been instrumental in expanding IPE day for students in the School of Nursing and Health Professions by bringing guest speakers and vendors to the event.

In the occupational therapy assistant program, Heldmann instills in students the importance of practice, advocacy, lifelong learning and service – the pillars of the occupational therapy assistant program curriculum design at Owens that she tries to embody herself.

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