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Audio Systems
Sound systems require specialized expertise and experience that is unique to each event and location, from classrooms to large auditoriums and outdoor events. Audio setups for large events can become elaborate and complex, necessitating the use of sophisticated audio mixing boards that must be integrated with campus sound systems and involve multiple microphone selection, use and placement, stage and production monitors and signal processing equipment. Audio systems must also frequently be integrated with video and computer presentation systems.

OwensLINK Support
Audio/Visual Services provides support for OwensLINK videoconferencing daytime and evening classes. Audio/Visual Services works with instructors each semester and helps set up the OwensLINK system for their class and conducts training. When issues arise, OwensLINK instructors require the immediate technical support that Audio/Visual Services is able to provide, which enables the instructor to continue running their class. The OwensLINK videoconferencing unit, switching equipment, control interface, and video playback equipment is a unique system that requires regular maintenance and replacement.

Community Campus Events
One element of the Owens Community College mission is to serve our communities. Audio/Visual Services is heavily involved in this aspect of the College mission by providing a wide variety of support and quality customer service to various members of the community and special events. Past events requiring AVS support have included President, George Bush visit, President Bill Clinton visit, Ohio Governor, Ohio Board of Regents, and more.

Internal Campus Events
Regular setup and support of sound and presentation systems for all internal campus events, including nursing and College-wide commencements, in-service professional development days, Campus Forums, Toledo Police, Center for Emergency Preparedness, Employee Recognition, and more.

Off-hours Event and Classroom Support
Audio/Visual Services routinely is available to support campus and community events that occur during weekday evening and weekend hours.

Instructor Classroom Support
Audio/Visual Services prides itself on providing prompt and immediate responses to instructor support requests, including video playback issues, troubleshooting media equipment or assisting instruction on a newer classroom technology.