New Owens CCP Student

Complete steps in chronological order.

  1. Meet with your high school counselor to confirm eligibility to participate. If acceptance requires a letter of recommendation, you must use the form found at this link.
  2. Complete and submit the online CCP application — Application Type is “College Credit Plus.”
  3. Download and complete the CCP Permission Slip and CCP Student Questionnaire — once completed, please submit these to
  4. Log into your Ozone account with your new credentials after applying. Once logged in, feel free to explore your Ozone account. If you are having trouble getting into your account, please call Help Desk at (567) 661-7120.
  5. Meet with your high school guidance counselor to complete the CCP Authorization Form, which includes sending your official school transcript. (Homeschool students must have their form completed by their grading authority.)
  6. If you are not a public school student, please complete and sign the Parent Signature Form, scan and email it to
  7. Students must place into college-level classes on the reading, math and writing assessment for most classes. Please see Step 1 for required testing benchmarks.
    Call Testing Services at (567) 661-TEST (8378) if you have questions.
  8. All Owens students, including CCP, are eligible to register for courses where the pre-requisite has been met.  Course availability is first-come, first-serve; therefore, it is highly encouraged to schedule a CCP advising appointment early on in the registration process. CCP students cannot register on their own.

    Option 1: If you are planning on taking classes at your high school to obtain college credit, you do NOT need to meet with a CCP academic advisor to schedule your classes. Your high school counselor will take care of registering you for the course.

    Option 2: If you are taking classes online with Owens, or at an Owens campus, you NEED to meet with a CCP academic advisor to get registered. If you have completed all steps listed above, and are ready to get registered, click here to request an appointment online (a picture ID is required to sign-in for the appointment).

  9. Complete a CCP Orientation — Students must pre-register for the CCP Orientation and are only required to complete the CCP Orientation once.
    There are two ways:
    1. On-campus orientations.
    2. Online via Blackboard — students will see this orientation in their courses after being added to the program.
  10. Take your completed Owens schedule to your school counselor for approval.